Bitcoin online wallet api

The type of script that encumbers the output corresponding to this input.A hybrid wallet allows you to send and receive Bitcoins just like any other wallet.Optional The encoding of your data, can be either string (for plaintext) or hex (for hex-encoded).Optional Number of confirmations of the previous transaction for which this input was an output.

Optional Fixed processing fee amount to be sent to the fee address.We are working on integrating client-side signing solutions into our libraries to make this process easier.Its a online wallet for Bitcoin that has support for payment notification called API.If successful, it will returned the newly modified Wallet composed with an AddressKeychain.The string representing the data to embed, can be either hex-encoded or plaintext.

Signature and public key order matters, so make sure they are returned in the same order as the inputs you provided.In order for us to keep track of mining fees, we require that all calls to the Microtransactions API use a token.Add a nrequired-to-sign multisignature address to the wallet.For more information, check the section on Confidence Factor.

Here the process is similar, but with the inputs and outputs reversed.If you have more, you can page through them using the optional start parameter.

A rolling average of the fee (in satoshis) paid per kilobyte for transactions to be confirmed in 7 or more blocks.Even when we return 90% confidence, the likelihood of a successful double-spend is significantly lower than 10%.A bitcoin wallet at your fingertips The Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet provides an easy way to buy, store, and transfer bitcoins all over the world.The returned object contains detailed information about the transaction, including the value transfered, date received, and a full listing of inputs and outputs.

Metadata API: Store both public and private key-value pairs against addresses, transactions, and blocks.Almost all resources exist under a given blockchain, and follow this pattern.Microtransaction API: Send on-chain microtransactions while BlockCypher covers your initial mining fees, and low computed fees afterwards.The maximum number of elements that can be batched in a single call is 100.If set, only returns the balance and TXRefs that have at least this number of confirmations.

For more detailed information about the data returned, check the Blockchain object.Notice that an issuance returns an OAPTX with no inputs, since it is the original issue.Can be interpreted in two ways: if less than 500 million, refers to block height.An OAPTX represents an Open Assets Protocol transaction, generated when issuing or transfering assets.

Optional All unconfirmed transaction inputs and outputs for this address.Analytics API: Run asynchronous analytics queries on public blockchains.The Bitcoin SendMoney API will save you time and money by giving you the power to design automated Bitcoin payouts to anyone with a Bitcoin wallet address.The final destination address to which the payment will eventually be sent.

How To Create & Start Using Your First Bitcoin Wallet

Typically found in an array within an Address object, which is usually returned from the standard Address Endpoint.A MicroTX represents a streamlined—and typically much lower value—microtransaction, one which BlockCypher can sign for you if you send your private key.

A string of thefts hit Bitcoin's most reputable wallet

Filters response to only include transactions below before height in the blockchain.If not given, the wallet will derive address straight from the given extended pubkey.

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